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  • Maintain separate billing accounts for each unit through monthly rental fee invoicing. Process and bill each rental unit.

  • Collect all accounts receivable; properly credit to rental unit accounts; and deposit checks into the Corporation (Landlord) account, in a timely manner. At the end of each month, reconciliation of all unit accounts.

  • Prepare all invoices for payment. Disburse checks to vendors from the Corporation (Landlord) Operating Account.

  • Maintain an operating account in the Corporations (Landlord) name; operating accounts would be maintained in separate bank accounts and would not be commingled with Management's funds or the funds of any other Associations managed by Industry Property Management.

  • Work with the Corporation (Landlord) Independent Certified Public Accountant in conducting the annual audit, including making all records, books, and accounts available for their inspection and review.




  • Preparation of a monthly management report, including financial, administrative, and property information, to be furnished to the Landlord.

  • Maintain resident rosters and updates, as required.

  • Maintain the records of the property in an organized manner, and maintain individual files for each unit.

  • Communicate and enforce the provisions of the Rules & Regulations of the Lease.

  • Handle resident complaints in a sensitive and responsive manner.

  • Management would handle general correspondence with residents, vendors, governmental officials, and any other related entity.

  • 60 day notice to Landlord on all lease expirations and lease renewals.

  • Representation of the Corporation (Landlord) in all eviction and non-payment proceedings.

  • Representation of ECB / DOB / HPD hearing. 




  • Provide 24 hours, 7 days a week emergency contact.

  • Coordinate all necessary maintenance and/or repairs on behalf of the Corporation (Landlord). Additionally, all emergency repairs provided to individual units that have been deemed tenant responsibility will be billed back to the resident.

  • Obtain capital improvement bids from qualified service personnel when necessary. Obtain at least three bids for any project over a specified amount. Negotiate the bids as needed. Submit final bids to the Landlord for review and approval.




  • Provide salaried maintenance staff for weekly cleaning and trash disposal (if required) or pay per service as needed.

  • Snow removal when required.

  • Fully staffed with a maintenance crew providing residents with minimal wait time on repairs, property preparation, and maintenance of all vacancies.

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